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By navigating the links on the left, you can find photos and videos from past expeditions, workshop proceedings, quarterly newsletters, technical articles for background, external links, and more.

For the papers and slide shows from the 2013 Peru workshop "Glacial Lakes and Disaster Risk Management: Knowledge Exchange and Field Training," click here.

To learn more about HiMAP (the new name for our program), may we recommend three videos from our work in Peru and Nepal, by Daniel Byers and Skyship Films:

High Mountains Adaptation Partnership Peru Climate Workshop documents the Glacial Lakes and Disaster Risk Management conference, including field trainings, from 2013.

High Mountain Glacial Lake Watershed Program explores our work in the Khumbu and with Imja Lake in particular. The film highlights community consultations, the bathymetric study, and ground penetrating radar.

Global Glacial Lake Partnership documents the 2011 international expedition to share knowledge between Peruvian glacial lake experts and Nepalis studying their growing glacial lake problem.

To read HiMAP's technical report, The Glacial Lake Handbook: Reducing Risk From Dangerous Glacial Lakes In The Cordillera Blanca, Peru, by César Portocarrero, click here.