Steep N Deep Project

Diving high-altitude glacial lakes

Quillcay Disaster...

Modeling a GLOF in Quillcay and Huaraz

Sustainable Summits...

Finding solutions to high-mountain land use challenges.

Mt. Everest from Kala Patthar
Everest Alliance...

Everest Alliance research expedition May 2014

Imja research and KACC...

Short video on Imja expedition May 2014


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The High Mountains Adaptation Partnership is co-managed by The Mountain Institute and the University of Texas at Austin.

Our work raises global awareness of the critical importance of high mountain glacial watersheds. By 2015 we expect to have strengthened scientific, social, and institutional capacity for the management of dangerous glacial lakes and threatened landscapes in the Himalayas, Andes, and select other mountain ranges worldwide. We have already been instrumental in creating the first community-based, participatory glacial lake risk reduction project in Nepal, which included a successful V&A training program, promotion of South-South knowledge exchange, and development and deployment of an innovative Glacial Lake Rapid Reconnaissance Team, a mini-hydro generation project, and vital donor coordination. We established the first high mountain glacial watershed community of practice, now called the High Mountains Adaptation Partnership (HiMAP), which creates new opportunities, connections, and shared knowledge between previously disconnected scientists and practitioners. And we are developing a new generation of climber-scientists fluent in climate change and adaptation issues, research methods, and action projects in high mountain watersheds. 

QUICK LINKS: Imja Lake ResearchGlacial Flooding and Disaster Risk Workshop 2013; Glacial Lake Handbook

PAST NEWSLETTERS CAN BE VIEWED HERE: December 2013March 2014, May 2014, September 2014
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  • HiMAP website transferred to The Mountain Institute's Science and Exploration Program,
  • Conversations in Khumbu and Kathmandu about the Everest Alliance,
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2014 - May Newsletter

  • Launch of the securing mountain water and livelihoods project in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru,
  • Inundation modeling of a potential glacial lake outburst flood in Huaraz, Peru,
  • Handy summary of the Glacial Lake Handbook,
  • Conociendo Cordillera Blanca Teacher Guides,
  • Two news items on the death of Andean glaciers
  • A Deluge of Consequences: Adventure in the High Himalayas video
  • Everest Alliance field trip in progress

2014 - March Newsletter

  • Everest Alliance inception meeting,
  • HiMAP Community of Practice discussion,
  • Glacial Lake Handbook,
  • repeat photography webinar,
  • Kanchenjunga-Makalu vote,
  • Everest-Lhotse Research Expedition,
  • Jack Ives book on Sustainable Mountain Development,
  • Meeta Sainju Pradhan,
  • Human impacts in Makalu-Barun National Park,
  • Dangerous glacial Lake 464 video.

2013 - December Newsletter

  • What's HiMAP? (Hint: Née HMGWP)
  • Glacial Flooding and Disaster Risk Management: Knowledge Exchange and Field Training — All papers and video
  • Bolivia In a 4-degree Warmer World book
  • Opportunities
  • Introducing Everest Alliance